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Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham

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Jacqueline Crenshaw Lockhart, Executive Director/Owner of the J. Lockhart Performing Arts Institute (PAI) has over 30 years of training and professional experience in theater and dance. She is a native of Birmingham and graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts as a theater major/dance minor and thereafter received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from Birmingham-Southern College. In addition to being the owner of PAI, she is the Ministry Director of the Sixth Avenue Baptist Youth Ministry of Christian Dance where she directs and choreographs the ministry’s annual Black History Musical Dance Drama. In 2008, she directed Priscilla Hancock Cooper’s stage play Call Me Black Woman at the Red Mountain Theatre, choreographed the Aldridge Repertory Theatre musical, Rhythm and Roots and currently, is the choreographer for the Birmingham Links prestigious White Rose Cotillion.

She studied dance in Birmingham under Nancy Owen, Donna Todd, Sonia Arova, Thor Sutowski, Ruth Henry, Mira Popovich and Stevan Grebel. While in Atlanta, she worked professionally with Jomandi Theater Company, the Gary Harrison Dance Company and Atlanta Jazz Theater (to name a few). Performing and teaching as a freelance artist afforded her the opportunity to dance and choreograph for the NBA Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, serve as a dance instructor in several of Atlanta’s prominent schools and studios (Avondale School of the Arts, Norma’s Dance Academy, Dance Gallery, McClendon School of Dance and Gotta Dance Studio). She has choreographed and danced with national recording artists and labels such as Warner Bros., RCA and LaFace Records.

Mrs. Lockhart has shared her talents by training thousands of youth and adults. One of her most endearing protégés was the daughter of the late music pioneer, Curtis Mayfield. Her accomplishments and contributions to the community have been acknowledged by the Birmingham City Council, Birmingham and Homewood Mayors, Governor Riley and Former Governor Siegleman. She is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades including the Alabama State Council on the Arts 2008 Fellowship Award, 2005 Jack & Jill Birmingham Chapter Legacy Award, the 2004 EMANICIPATION PROCLAMATION AWARD, a 2003 MAKE IT HAPPEN THEATER WOMEN WHO CARE AWARD. She was recognized by the Upward Bound student body with the MOST OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD.


2011 Dance Across Birmingham Class Descriptions

Intro Jazz: A fun energetic class with upbeat movement and music. Students will be engaged in basic elements of jazz technique based on a potpourri of styles from Luigi to street jazz. A basic knowledge of ballet technique is helpful, but not required.

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz: An explosive flavor of funk, hip hop and street jazz. This class is for the student who has had at least 3-4 years of ballet training or just game for a challenge! Ms. Jackie brings her own style to the dance floor as she challenges students with funky movement and syncopated rhythms.


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