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  2014 Alabama Dance Festival: Purple Track

Moving the Curriculum


Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham



Ballet Students

Moving the Curriculum


When we study something deeply enough to craft relevant movement, when we rehearse and perform that same movement for our community, the knowledge is forever stored in our awareness. A kinesthetic approach is exactly what most students long for: a learning process that is experiential, collaborative, risky, physically satisfying, hard, meaningful, surprising, and rewarding. Movement can be a tool to not only entice students to dive into new topics, but also deliver core content and assess learning.

This day-long workshop taught by Margot Greenlee gives participants hands-on kinesthetic learning tools that connect directly to the Alabama Standards. Emphasis on peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration will spark new ways to promote and assess student engagement. This workshop is open to K-12 classroom teachers, teaching artists, dance educators, and college education majors. The workshop is co-sponsored by the Alabama Institution for Education in the Arts.


Purple Track